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About Us

I am currently a second generation snake food farmer as my crew likes to put it. My father, Royal Klingler, started raising Mice and Rats in the summer of 1990. Royal was a corn farmer for quite a few years and sold the farm in 1987. His plan was to make a living in his wood shop (hence the name Burrwood) since that is what he enjoyed doing. Well he had great difficulty in moving his product so he began helping my Uncle Lacerne raise guinea pigs. The summer of 1990 they couldn't give the pigs away. They were calling all over the United States trying to sell them and everybody was screaming for Mice and Rats so that is what he decided to do.

He started out with just a few pairs of Mice and a few pairs of rats and just kept breeding them over and over again. I worked for him the summer of 1994 and then he and I became partners in January of 1997. We were parters for 11 years until his retirement in January 2008 when he gladly sold me the rest of the business. Through out the years there has been numerous expansions accumulating to my last one that I completed in July of 2008 putting our totals to more than 20,000 animals produced in a single week.



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